hUb fashion ♥

❤︎ 日本語 ❤︎

hUb の大好きな「小さないたずら」の例ですが、そこからは、隣のおばちゃんが話しかけてくれたり、子供が手を振ってくれたり、普段は話すことのない方々と、小さな空間を共有することができます ♥

❤︎ English ❤︎

hUb’s work involves the creation of fluid, “soft” spaces through bodily movements and visual  imagery (which includes fashion). <See our “About Us” page for more on “soft” spaces>

While these fashion projects are not accompanied by performance or movement and are not full-fledged efforts at creating “soft” spaces, they do create small spaces of interaction in everyday life, as elderly ladies stop to curiously ask what kind of event we are hosting that day (the answer would be none, other than all of our unbirthdays) or children wave as they pass by. These kinds of projects allow us to share a transitive and fluid space with people who we wouldn’t otherwise interact with and give us a chance to casually experiment in the spaces of everyday life.



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