stage 05: present stage (performance/installation)

9.17.2010 ~ 9.20.2010

“present stage”
(collaboration piece with 403 architecture)

♡ 日本語 ♡

hUb x 403 architecture コラボ作品 @ ヨコハマ アパートメント


BLOGS: present stage, YOKOHAMA♥, 今日から楽しい横浜暮らし, happy unbirthday original products, 明日キックオフ, streaming “present stage” on USTREAM, “present stage”無事終了しました

♡ English ♡

hUb x 403 architecture collaboration project @ yokohama apartment

This project involved collaboration with 403 architecture and a week-long artist in residence with an exhibit held on the final three days of the residency.
As one of our earliest pieces with newspaper people, we experimented with the character of these figures, letting them “grow” over the three-day exhibition period and designing dresses that grew along with their character development.
This was also our first attempt at interacting with the local community. Local residents were sent an invitation and request for newspapers. The newspaper people (fledglings) then went around the neighborhood collecting newspapers from these neighbors’ homes on the date designated in the invitation as part of the performance work.

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♡ Project Description ♡

9.13.2010~9.16.2010  準備期間/Preparation

9.17.2010 day.0


the newly born newspaper people go out into the world for the first time and gather newspaper to make their dresses

9.18.2010 day.1


the newspaper people make dresses and decorate their homes with the newspaper they collected
they wait for people to come, hoping to serve them tea and cakes


9.19.2010 day.2


enjoying the company of people and their smiles, the newspaper people fold more and more flowers and try to please them


9.20.2010 day.3


the newspaper people grow up as they feel the emotions of people
and now, on this last day,  from serving tea to folding flowers, everything now feels very different from day.1

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dress gallery

newspaper dresses1 newspaper dresses2 newspaper dresses3