stage 13: newspaper people in shinagawa (performance)


newspaper people in shinagawa

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This piece was realized in Shinagawa Station at rush hour, greeting commuters at the station. The area and time is representative of a Tokyo landscape, and the piece is an optimal example of our concept, as businesspeople dressed in black all rush to work in the morning.

Performance concept: One of our first projects (“newspaper people in the city”) is a performance piece in which we insert foreign figures (dressed in elaborate newspaper dresses) moving almost in slow motion into the familiar city. First designed as a reaction to the fast-paced life of Tokyo, this performance was designed as a means to “break” the space and speed of everyday life in the metropolis. In the city, everything and everyone moves at a fast pace. For people in the city, engrossed in their smartphones or preoccupied with being on their way to their destinations, the city becomes merely a backdrop to their everyday routines and not necessarily a space that is experienced. By inserting these foreign figures (and performance) into this space at a radically different pace, we attempted to design a “soft” space where time stops and the rhythm of everyday life is broken. What we hope this reveals is the hidden beauty of everyday life and routine. All of our projects are based on this concept of inserting a “softscape” into the context of everyday life to celebrate the everyday, or all of our unbirthdays.

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