Stage 37: old-fashioned fashion show @ Shibuya Hikarie (performance)


“Old-fashioned Fashion Show: Commemorating the end of fashion items’ life cycles” performance @ Shibuya Hikarie/ part of UBE biennale exhibit)



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♡ English ♡

In this project, Ube Biennale, one of the largest international outdoor sculpture competitions in Japan, commissioned us for the opening act for their PR event at Shibuya Hikarie, one of the most prominent department stores in the heart of Tokyo.
Hikarie, one of the most fashionable department stores in the city, carries the most in-style trends. Our idea was to use old clothes and rip them apart, sewing in newspaper ornaments in these ripped seams to make them “unusable” as clothing and “celebrate the end of a clothing’s life” in a space meant to celebrate the newest and most in-style fashion trends. The newspaper ornaments combined with a performance of freezing in place would provide the imagery of sculptures for the UBE Biennale.



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