stage 51: a forest of words @ Tori Art 2015 (performance/installation)

2.5 ~ 2.8.2016

Tori Art 2015 (@Yonago City Museum of Art): a forest of words


♡ 日本語 ♡


♡ English ♡

This project was created as a collaboration piece with another artist, Shiho Oshita, whose work involved a tour of a mystical forest for children. Our piece became part of this tour as “a forest of words.”

Using newspapers (our favorite everyday item) the forest of words gives a visual and audio experience of random words strung together from the day’s newspaper. Everyday life is a mix of both the good and the bad. These words (from newspaper articles covering lifestyles to those detailing shocking current events) are treated equally and interwoven at random to provide a new experience of the everyday.





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